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Well, Sian and I are 24 days from the PDC in Vancouver, and ten days from flying back to Toronto, so far so good. It's funny how your mind works on these things. We have been somewhat hyper-vigilant on our travels, distance, and hygiene, but I will look forward to ticking off the 14-day box from being in an airport and on a plane.

Seem to be settling into a bit of a program. I have lots to do writing content, and our eating out number is now zero, and home cooking is way up, fun and tasty!

Surprisingly, not watching a lot of TV and, seemingly lots to do. From our point of view, it feels like everyone is doing a great job of social distancing here, which is excellent news. 

I am happy to be a Canadian, watching all of our politicians be aligned and focused on the issue at hand. Justin looked a bit calmer, given his wife is back on her feet and out of quarantine. A relief I am sure.

Tracking the news and the stats from the start of all of this, I feel this next week will be a significant pivot point for all. I fear for New York, and our numbers will move too. Hopefully, the steps in place will make a difference. I think I am going to head out on our porch and bangs some pots for the caregivers. I do think the collective human spirit makes a difference for ourselves and the community. We all need more positive emotional attractors!

Having spent most of my life working with disruptive technologies and creative companies, I have been spending some time thinking about pivoting and, more importantly, community building. Same processes, different tasks? What will be of the best service to our business community as we figure out our new normals, both as individuals and in our organizations? From my point of view, I am gravitating to what leadership can do. We have seen significant examples of highs and lows in a short period of time of late.

What inspires you? I am keen on comments and thoughts.

But for now.

Reviewing past pandemics, there is always a trend of a second wave when people relax their diligence. We need to keep our focus on distance and hygiene. I hope, as a nation, we all can stay with the plot. 

So far, so good.

If we can be of help to anyone, please reach out. 


P.S. This is completely random, but if you need a break from the news and want to watch an incredibly inspiring story after a tough time. Watch this one. Amazing what the human spirit can do. It will lift your spirits.


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