Web sites we like


A great site that "helps you master the tech you need to live the life you want".

His youtube channel is great and catching up on his Webinar Wednesday is worthwhile and  free. If you want to ramp up on webcasting and learning how to screen cast he is "the man".

Brian Johnson Optimize

Brian Johnson has put significant effort into providing a wealth of information around personal performance and psychology. He touches on all the great business psychology books and his aggregation of ideas are solid. Very worthwhile.

Other sites we like?

Other sites we like

More to come, we are building out this community based site so we will keep writing up new ones.


Business plans are old school. I love Strateqyzers visual tools for helping teams to really explore business plans and focus on true customer value propositions. They have great programs but take the time to join and navigate the site for a lot of free content and learning resouces (It is a bit challenging to find).

A key set of tools in my bag!